Saturday, September 21, 2013

Belated Week 30 Weigh-In!

Wow- I've been doing Weight Watchers for 30 weeks? I really looked like
just 30 weeks ago?

I remember thinking 30 weeks was a long time, and dreading how it would take me possibly until Peyton's 1st birthday to lose all the weight I wanted to. It's really not so bad, because it's not like I had to stay at 181 pounds until I hit my goal and lose it all at once; it's gradual. I keep looking and feeling better and it just keeps going. Losing weight is just one of the many things I have to do each week. What's one more item on the list?

Last week I weighed in at 146.2 and yesterday I weighed in at

It's not the most flattering picture. In fact, I look skinnier in the picture 2 weeks and 1.8 pounds ago, but oh well. Weighing in at 146 has allowed me to hit my next milestone: 35 total pounds lost!
'Tis cause to celebrate :)

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