Saturday, July 6, 2013

Week 19 Weigh-In!

I'm sorry I'm slacking on the photos, but it seems like I've been everywhere but home when I need to weigh in and don't ever bring my camera cable with me. Maybe I just need an iPhone...

Last week I weighed in at 155.8 and this week I weighed in at...

156 (Pictured here with my precious son, Peyton and beautiful cousin, Anna Kate)


I'm a little surprised it's less than a pound of weight gained this week. I spent the whole week in Alabama, and it's a wonder anyone can be thin in that state. The food is ahhhmazing. Always. From two full days of driving and eating fast food for each meal to my Grandmother and Grandaddy making fried chicken, fried squash and super sweet tea to having something other than Cheerios for breakfast (read: biscuits, sausage, more fried chicken) to the peach cobbler, key lime pie and chocolate pies that were available for dessert... I'm not upset about a weight gain. May not have been good for the body, but it sure was good for the soul.

Next week I'll have a loss to report, but I'm not too broken up over a .2 pound weight gain if I got to eat THAT good for a week. Everybody needs a vacation, even from eating healthy :)

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