Friday, July 12, 2013

Week 20 Weigh-In!

I'm so happy to say that the scale I weighed in on last week at my in-law's house weighed me in heavier than I really was. I didn't gain weight last week after all, because this week's weight loss wouldn't make sense otherwise! Last week I weighed in at 156 and today I am...

Oh man, I am getting giddy. My next goal weight checkpoint is 150, which is what I weighed when I got pregnant with Brooklyn. I am SO close to that. Which also means I am SO close to being skinnier than I have ever been in Houston. Right now I look better than any of my local friends have ever seen me.

The disappointing thing is that I know I'm going to have to start working out again at some point. Losing weight doesn't equal getting a toned body. Boo. Also, Peyton just started eating baby food the other day, so I know my extra points are about to get cut in half. Double boo.

One week at a time.

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