Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Elton John

I’ve decided to begin a new installment of blog topics called “Top Ten Tuesday”.  Brandon and I love to organize, categorize, and make lists. We’ve been known to create brackets ala March Madness and narrow down the final four Best Actors of our generation. We’ve made a document we call “What Should Have Won Best Picture”. But our most recent fun has been what we’ve started on our road trips: taking every song by a certain artist that we have, put them on my iPod and rank them. First song we hear becomes number one. Then we listen to the next song and decide: is it better or worse than the first? And so on, for possibly a hundred songs or more, depending on the artist. We each make our own list and then average them together to get the final results. We’ve completed this task for 9 bands/singers thus far and are ready to share our results with the world. Or, at least the world of my handful of friends and family who read my blog. Discussion and debate is welcome :)

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday artist…

Elton John
(Brooklyn picked this photo because she likes his pink glasses :))
 -We obviously like Elton's slow stuff better than the fast, as this is the only legitimately upbeat song to make the list.
-Personally, I'd be fine if this was left off the list completely, but Brandon loves The Lion King. The song has pop culture importance, I'll give it that.
-One of the best songs to sing along to where we all fake knowing the right words.
-Epic ending.
-Very interesting, because Elton remade his own song to honor the fallen Princess Diana. Noble and beautiful, but we were ranking the original about Marilyn Monroe anyway.
-The build up from piano to forte, from sentimental to GETTING IT (what's the musical term for that, anyway?) is what I love.
-This one seems out of place in the top ten at first glance. Now go listen to it. It's much better than it ever gets credit for.
-That piano... ahhhh.
-Echo the sentiments of number four. Listen to it. It's gorgeous.
-Classic beauty, the definitive Elton John song. Something every girl wants sung to them.

I'm awaiting all the people who love songs like Daniel and Bennie and the Jets that to us are just annoying. Let's go.


  1. What about Crocodile Rock?? I remember when Rock was young, me and Susie had so much fun...

    1. I know Elton John is gay, but that song is really, really gay. Too gay.