Friday, June 14, 2013

Week 16 Weigh-In!

Guys, I am overweight. And thrilled about it.

What? I thought the point of Weight Watchers was to lose weight? Isn't your goal to get healthier? To get to a weight more appropriate for your gender, age and height?

Yes. But in order to get into the "normal" weight range, at least according to the BMI, I had to stop being obese and start being overweight. I am happy to say that last week I weighed in at 159 pounds, still slightly in the "moderately obese" range, and today I weigh in at

which means I am no longer obese. I'm overweight! Whoo-hoo!! 23.4 pounds total lost and feeling great. I am on schedule to reach my goal weight around Brooklyn's 3rd birthday in early October.

And it's worth remembering that this is where I was 16 weeks ago:

I like the difference. So much that I'll post the first picture again.


  1. girl... you look great!! woo hoo!! have a fun weekend!

  2. You look amazing! Way to go! Oh, and btw watch out for the time when you lose daily points when Peyton starts eating solid foods. You lose 7 points like that, GONE. I really hated that.