Thursday, June 27, 2013

Night Before Week 18 Weigh-In

It ain't happenin' this week. Just ain't.

I haven't had a week like this yet. I totally stopped tracking my points around Monday or Tuesday so I don't know how much I've eaten. I lost my ActiveLink monitor for a day or two, so I knew my activity points were going to be off. I basically just gave up this week.

I think I'm having retroactive issues from when our whole house went off-kilter a couple of weeks ago. Or maybe I'm eating my emotions after the Spurs' loss. More likely is that I'm just exhausted and stressed.

I spent four days in Dallas at an interpreting conference, which was AWESOME. I loved all the workshops, loved seeing my old friends from SLIS in College Station and really felt productive. I even got to have lunch with one of my favorite high school friends, so all in all it was wonderful. But being out of town meant we had to come back in town, and this week has consisted of getting ready for another trip. Lots of loads of laundry, unpacking, repacking, grocery shopping, list-making, and by the end of the night, I'm just spent. Poor Brandon has wanted to watch all the Best Pictures that we own but hadn't watched yet, and I fell asleep during all three of them. This is a very un-Tracey thing to do. And then the two top stressors right now:

1) Brooklyn had a terrible reaction to something at my parents' house, so off to allergy testing we went. It will take me less time to tell you what she ISN'T allergic to, but I'll spare you. We're off for round two tomorrow to make sure all the negatives are really negatives. Then we'll see what else has to be done.
2) I do not have my original service records from when I worked at Needville. They say they were sent to me, but I don't have them. And I keep everything. EVERYTHING. There is not one other piece of paperwork from NISD missing, and I have gone through every folder, envelope and binder that has paper in it in this house. Add to that that I don't even know what it looks like and I'm 100% sure I never got it in the first place. My guess? It was sent to an old address and got lost in the mail. Wouldn't be the first time. We have moved twice since I resigned, anyway. All this to say that if I don't have my service record, I don't get paid what I'm owed. I'll be two steps down the ladder than where I'm supposed to be because I won't get credit for the two years I've already worked. TEACHERS DON'T MAKE MUCH AS IT IS, so I certainly want what I have earned.

Anyway, I should be cleaning up, considering my parents are coming tomorrow and so is my friend Paige to babysit Peyton, but I'm not. Please, guys, don't judge me by the pieces of granola bar that are stuck to the carpet. It's been a long week/month/year.

But a weight loss this week? Impossible. See you tomorrow.

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  1. We ALL have off weeks, whatever it is in life that we are working on, so hang in there, don't beat yourself up, and give it your all next week! One week off course doesn't mean you are defeated!