Monday, June 17, 2013

And Now, the Rest of the Story

On Sunday the 9th, our First Family came over for lunch, like we always do on the second Sunday of the month. We opened the blinds to see the rain while we ate and were enjoying our time together when there was a lightning bolt, a thunder strike, a loud POP and all our lights went out. A transformer must have blown, was the consensus. Luckily, only one of the kids was upset by this and since our blinds were already open we had enough light to eat by until Brandon went outside to flip the breakers. No blown transformer, but still quite an eventful moment in our lunch.

And now, in the famous words of Paul Harvey, the rest of the story.

First, Brandon decided to show some of the guys an app on Xbox Live when he noticed that the lights on our router weren't even coming on. Our router was fried. Yikes. So once everyone left, Brandon went to Best Buy to buy a new router. Except that...

Second, our garage door wouldn't open. No power to anything in the garage. No lights, no garage motor. So, he had to open it manually to travel to get a new router. When he got home, he started to set up the new router. He couldn't get it set up using his computer, so he asked for mine. My computer was dead, so he plugged it in. Except that...

Third, my computer wouldn't charge. "Was your charger plugged into the wall during the storm?", he asks me. Yep. Luckily, my computer wasn't, but the charger was definitely fried. I ask my dad what happened and he tells me we should call Comcast and ask them to send our modem a reset signal to fix things. So we do. Except that...

Fourth, it didn't work. So we have to have a technician sent out to fix the modem. Or possibly have it replaced. By this time, we notice we haven't heard any beeping all day. Normally, we don't want to hear beeps. Except that...

Fifth, we are supposed to hear beeps when our doors open because we have a security system on our house. Which is obviously off because of this storm. You would think this would be the last of our problems. Except that...

Sixth, by this time we notice our house has been getting progressively hotter. It has now reached 79 degrees and we realize that our A/C is out too. And that this is going to be one long, rough week.

How about a timeline to explain the rest of the week?

All of the above
10:30- We go to sleep with every fan on. It reaches 80 but we grin and bear it.

It gets hotter and hotter during the day.
11:30- We escape to the mall to get out of the heat and buy a new charger. That plus the router makes two down, four to go.
2:00- We get home for naps. The temperature is still rising.
4:30- Without internet and A/C we decide to go somewhere with WiFi and a cool place for Brooklyn to play. Chick-Fil-A it is. Of course, we pick the one Chick-Fil-A without WiFi, and Brooklyn does nothing but sit next to me in the play area. Fail.
6:00- We head to the Speights' for the evening. We've got to get out of the house until late at night when our house is cooled off. They offer for us to spend the night, but out of shyness and pride perhaps, we decline.
10:30- Arrive home to a house that is still 81 degrees. We sleep, but not great.

8:00- Brandon goes to work. Lucky him gets to be in the A/C all day. Our A/C is supposed to get fixed sometime between 9 and 6 today.
9:00- I make the executive decision that we need to be anywhere but here and shamelessly invite ourselves over to all friends' houses in the general vicinity. Somewhere close so I can rush home in a moment's notice to be home for the repairs.
9:30- We hang out at the Hammond's until we have to arrive home for the garage door to get fixed.
11:30- The garage door repairman is supposed to show up. Doesn't.
2:30- I call the repair company only to hear that my appointment is for Wednesday at 11:30, not at Tuesday for 11:30. Not what they told me on Monday. I'm upset. And still waiting for the A/C repairman.
4:00- Brandon gets home.
4:30-We get a courtesy call from the A/C company that they close at 6 but we are still on the schedule for today. Okay, whatever that means.
6:00- Still no repairman. It's now cooler outside (83? with a breeze) than inside (85), so outside for bubbles we go.
6:45- We're hungry. We're hot. We take my parents up on the offer to stay in a hotel.
7:30- We check into the hotel.
7:45- We get a call from the A/C repairman. He's on his way. AT SEVEN-FOURTY-FIVE. Brandon is furious, but heads home.
8:30- Brandon comes back to the hotel. The A/C is working outside, but not inside. The circuit board in the attic has blown, so they need to get a part. They *hope* to get it tomorrow and *hope* to be able to get to us tomorrow as well.

8:00- Brandon goes to work. More A/C for him.
9:30- We check out of the hotel.
10:00- We go to the Hinson's house to drop off some presents for a birthday party. I end up dropping Brooklyn off so she can go to the party too.
11:30- I get home for the garage repairman who is actually coming today.
12:00- I feel stupid for not knowing to check the GFI reset button in the garage. $60 for pushing a button. Awesome. #homeownerproblems But still, three down, three to go.
12:30- I invite myself to the Galvan's for the day (Turns into the night as well).
4:00- Brandon gets to our home for the day.
4:30- Another courtesy call. Same thing. I ask, "Are you sure he'll be here by 6?" And get assured that he will.
9:30- Brandon finally assumes that even though they got the part, they didn't get to us today. We'll not even get into how we should have been first on the list as soon as the part DID come in. He heads home to get clothes for all of us for the next day.
9:45- The A/C repairman calls and says he is on his way. AT NINE-FOURTY-FIVE. Brandon is... what's worse than furious? Hopping mad? Pissed off? Yeah, he's upset.
11:15- Brandon arrives back at the Galvans, frustrated, sweaty, and in the dark in an unfamiliar house. So=not happy. But at least our A/C is supposedly fixed. Four down, two to go.

8:00- Brandon goes to work.
8:30- I wake up, half an hour late. We all slept in due to a rough night of sleep. Thanks, Brooklyn, for deciding to be awake from 2-5. That was awesome. I frantically pack all our stuff and shout a thank you out the door as I leave.
9:10- We get to the Blackburn's and I drop off my kids with Brittnie so she can watch them while I sign my Fort Bend paperwork to officially become a teacher again.
11:30- We all arrive back at our house, which is cooling off at a lovely 72 degrees. Normally we always keep it at 75, but I think I kept it at 72 for the next 3 days to catch up.
4:00- Brandon gets home from work and promptly takes a nap. It's been a rough week.
5:15- Our Comcast repairman shows up, an hour late, and promises us $20 off our next bill. That's considerate of them. Not like the A/C guys. Grr.
6:00- New modem installed. Five down, one to go.

Nothing to report. Thankfully, we just lounged around in the cool house.

9:30- Security system technician comes and resets all the sensors that were blown. Six down, none to go.
1:00- BONUS: Comcast shows up to give us cable. In addition to the extra money off our bill, they offer us a deal to give us faster, cheaper internet, and really really really basic cable (as in we don't even get ESPN, but whatever- it's cheaper than what we were paying).

Now it's Monday again, and I finally have time to share the story. So, what caused the loud POP at the start of the story? Any number of things, but we are about 90% sure that our house got struck by lighting 9 days ago, and we're proud of how flexible (in general) our kids were during this crazy week. We're so thankful for all the friends and family who offered their cars, homes, money, company and babysitting services. We're happy that Brandon and I kept it together (for the most part), and that all of these services/parts only ended up costing us a total of about $300. Not bad for such a series of unfortunate events.


  1. So sorry you had to go through all that last week. I'm super impressed that you had such a good weight loss last week with all you had going on. That is definitely something to be proud of!

    1. I think it's catching up to me. This week will not be such a good weight loss. Maybe not any at all. Oops.