Monday, June 24, 2013

A Little Insight Into Our Marriage

Every so often, Brandon and I will be having a conversation and it'll get to a point where one of us will say something so outrageous that the other responds with something along the lines of, "There's another sentence no one has ever spoken before!"

Here's a little peek into our lives:

Me: (while unpacking) Aw man, that was my loofah that was in the upstairs bathroom at your parents' house.

Brandon: Why didn't you just take it? We're the only ones who use that bathroom anymore anyway.

Me: Because it's something you use to wash all over your body with. What if it had been someone else's? I am not comfortable with that.

Brandon: I see. If there's one thing you don't want to be rubbing your body on, it's the German Air Force.

Me: *pause* What?

Brandon: The lufwaffe is the German Air Force. It's part of World War II curriculum.

Me: Okay, there's a sentence that no one has ever spoken before: 'If there's one thing you don't want to be rubbing your body on, it's the German Air Force'.

Brandon: No, that has been said before.

Me: Has not.

Brandon: Yes, it has.

Me: No, it hasn't!

Brandon: Some other history teacher has said that to his wife before, I guarantee it. What does lufwaffe sound like?

Me: Loofah.

Brandon: Some other wife has left their loofah somewhere and complained to their history teacher husband, and he's come to the conclusion that there's one thing you just don't want to be involved in your showering experience:

Both: The German Air Force.

I told my dad last week that Brandon and I were cool borderline dorky, and he said he was pretty sure we had crossed that line. He might be right.



(There's a difference.)

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