Monday, May 13, 2013

Belated Week 11 Weigh-In!

I'm surprised at all of you. Here it is, Monday morning, and I did not get ONE message over the past four days questioning where my weigh-in post was. Tsk tsk!

I had to weigh in a day early this week to make sure I was on my own scale. We drove to Dallas on Thursday night to see both mine and Brandon's parents, grandparents and siblings. It was mother's day, my sister's birthday and my Grandmother and Grandaddy who live in Alabama were in town, so it was a busy but wonderful weekend.

So, since I knew I was going to be in Dallas I weighed in early, but didn't have time to blog about it. I also weighed myself on Brandon's parents scale on Friday morning, but found a four pound difference between theirs and mine. Hmm. As much as I would like to believe I lost 4.2 pounds last week, the truth is that last week I weighed in at 164.2 pounds and this week I weighed in at


for a loss of .2 pounds.

I am okay with this. Really, I am. Last week had some classic Tracey behavior (buying and eating raw cookie dough) which caused me to use not only all of my daily points Saturday-Friday, but also all my weekly points and my activity points. Oh, and like 10 points over that. I hadn't gone over my points yet since I started WW, so I didn't even know what it would do in the system. It's amazing how that bright red negative sign makes you feel so bad :( Colors and psychology, I tell ya.

Last week told me a lot about myself, specifically that 1)I have close to no self-control. I can't have cookies in the house, period. And 2)I eat my feelings. Peyton does a really good job of sleeping if I hold him and rock him to sleep. I mean, he'll sleep all night that way. If I put him in his crib to learn to put himself to sleep, he instead will cry himself AWAKE. We're talking I let him cry for an hour to an hour and a half and when I finally give in, he's WAY more awake than he was when I first put him down. And there's little to no chance of calming him down in a reasonable amount of time. Almost everything the pediatrician told me to do for Brooklyn worked. She was able to sleep through the night at 6 weeks and in her own bed crying herself to sleep for 2-3 minutes at 2 months old. Easiest baby ever. Peyton is different. I can't do all the same things with him, though I'm trying to because I KNOW they work. But they don't work for everybody. All this is to say that I ate a lot of cookie dough while he cried in his crib. My body doesn't know how to shut down if my kids are crying, so I couldn't sleep last week while we tried once again to sleep train. Hence the lot and lot and lot of cookies, cookie dough and extra points. Depression=the need for chocolate. Needless to say, I am going to rock my son to sleep and love every minute of it. End of discussion.

Hopefully I can have a more significant weight loss this week. We'll see. I'm just glad I got to eat fried chicken, pizza and steak this weekend while still supposedly being on a diet. Weight Watchers is amazing.


  1. I'm still so impressed with your determination and I'm glad I'm not the only one who has ZERO self-control. If it looks good & I want it - I'm going to eat it...end of discussion :).

    Also, Parker has been rocked to sleep every night of his little life and it is seriously one of my favorite parts of the day. So quiet and peaceful and the perfect chance to pray blessings over him.

  2. Keep it up. You're doing great! I totally would have sent you a message asking "WHERE IS YOUR POST?" but I am just now getting on the computer, for the first time, since before Clara's bday party! Playing catch up on a lot of blogs this AM. :)