Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Children- 2 1/2 yrs and 3 months

This week at our Ladies' Bible Study, one of the mentor moms read a book about holding onto the last moments your children do things. We all wept. And then laughed at ourselves for it. And then laughed more at thinking what our husbands would say if they were there. Something along the lines of, "Why do you do this to yourself?" would be appropriate.

It made me realize all the more that it's important to write down funny things our kids say and do, to take lots of pictures, and to try and capture them at different stages of life so we can look back and easily remember. My friend Aja is so good at doing this. She is always snapping photos of events in their lives, whether they're monumental occasions or average everyday cuteness, and she keeps track of what Aedan is like each month. I love it. So it's time I make a concerted effort to do the same for mine.

Brooklyn is 2 1/2 years old right now. Halfway to 3, which is MIND BLOWING. Peyton is 3 months old. Hard to believe. And there are very few days that go by when I don't put them to sleep and immediately return to Brandon saying, "Our kids are amazing. I love them!"

  • is learning to enunciate and expand her words a LOT now. Sese has turned into Sese Street. Cookie is now Cookie Monster. Bebber is now better. Peppy is now Peyton. All of a sudden these cute, babyish sounds are turning into childlike chatter. She even uses words like and, it, and is to complete sentences. My favorite is when I walk into her room to get her dressed or wake her up and she says, "It's mommy!" much in the same way Jack Nicholson said, "Here's Johnny!"
  • is learning to be very polite. She loves to respond with an emphatic "Yes sir!" when she agrees, no matter whether she's talking to a man or woman. We'll work on gender differences later.
  • has told me multiple times she wants to marry me. She will walk up to me, give me the sweetest hug, put her head on my shoulder and say, "Marry mommy". I told her she couldn't because I was already married to Daddy and she just told me she loved me. Makes perfect sense to her: mommy and daddy love each other and they're married, so she should marry who she loves too :) 
  • can do lots of things by herself ("I do it myyyyself", she says) including but not limited to putting on socks, shirts and crocs, pulling up and down her Pull-up (though potty training is still on the list of things we can't do), identifying numbers to 20 and every letter of the alphabet by sight, washing her hands, brushing her teeth, opening (most) doors and (kind of) riding a tricycle. 
  • is the sweetest encourager and a natural cheerleader. When Peyton hits a toy to turn the lights and sound on, she sincerely cheers, "Good job Peyton!!" Similarly, when I finished a workout last week she hugged me and said, "So proud of you". She told Brandon the same thing when he said his baseball team won their game.
  • is getting better at listening and obeying. Few spankings and timeouts are needed, and when I ask her how many times I should ask her to do something, she replies, "One time". 
  • That being said, she loves to bargain, as in I say, "We'll kick the ball one more time and then we're done", to which she says, "No, three times". 
  • has trouble with whining and fake crying. Lots of kisses and Toy Story bandaids and "hold you"s everyday (well, I couldn't write this whole thing making you think she was perfect. Far from it!).
  • is very much me.  
    • She's defiant without usually being rude. I'll tell her no and she'll say "Sure!", just as if we were having a simple discussion and could agree to disagree. 
    • She loves her brother SO much and tries to take care of him at all times.
    • She is scared of bugs, wind, heights and the dark. Check, check, check and check for me. So far she is not afraid of clowns or escalators, so we aren't true carbon copies.
    • She loves movies, Disney and Sesame Street, always has. Recently she has been crazy about Land Before Time and wants to watch Jurassic Park, but seeing as how she's afraid of um, bugs and the dark, I guarantee the t-rex would be a bit much. It ain't happenin', kid. It reminds me of how much I wanted to watch Silence of the Lambs growing up but wasn't allowed to. Many times when I was sick and stayed home from school, my mom would let me rent a movie or we'd watch one at home I hadn't seen, or an old favorite. From 1991 until I was 16 I think my first choice was always Silence of the Lambs. She never gave in. And never understood why I wanted to watch it. It was because she and my dad had gone on a date to watch it at the theater when it first came out and left me with a babysitter. I was jealous, and wanted to know why I couldn't go ever since (Now I know...) Wow, what a digression. Back to Brooklyn.
    • She loves movies. It bears repeating.
    • She is shy, but not shy. She is a wild, crazy girl most of the time, until adults are around. Or other kids. Or really anyone who isn't family. She does a really good job of pretending to be shy.
  • Lastly- she is adorable!
  • is so chill.
  • sleeps in his own bed in his own room now and only wakes up once to feed. Occasionally will sleep 8 hours straight, which is glorious.
  • takes a short morning nap, a feeding to feeding afternoon nap, and an evening catnap before finally turning in around 8:30 or 9:00 each night
  • is the easiest baby to put to sleep. Pick him up and hold him and if it's naptime, he is out. When it takes me less than 5 minutes to rock my baby to sleep I have a hard time just letting him cry it out to teach him to self-soothe. This may come back to bite me, but if this is my last baby I am NOT letting him go so soon! (Sounds like a helicopter mom in training...oops)
  • recognizes us! He still smiles at most strangers, but always gives a grin of acknowledgement to Brandon and Brooklyn. And for me? The biggest smile I've ever seen, combined with flailing arms and legs as if he's so excited he just doesn't know what to do with himself. I LOVE it. 
  • can roll over from stomach to back, and is just < > THAT close to going the other way.
  • weighs 13 pounds 2 ounces and is 25 inches long. 
  • loves to hear me sing, especially anything with ooooh and aaaaah sounds in it. Current favorites include "Some Nights" by fun. and "Home" by Philip Philips. 
  • Lastly... is also too adorable for words :)

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