Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Looking for a Job is a Full-Time Job

My house is a wreck. I've literally got 8 piles of clean laundry sitting on a chair in my living room waiting to be folded. I've got pictures of Peyton to mail out that are about a month old already. I've got bills to pay. I've got choreography to do. Please don't look at my carpets. Toys are everywhere, as is trash. And I gave Brooklyn a bath last night simply because I could not remember when the last time she washed was.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: looking for a job IS a full-time job.

Being a mom is a full-time job too, which makes this doubly difficult, because my motherly duties are slacking. It's a good day when everyone gets fed. It's a great day when we get everyone to bed on time. It's an amazing (and yet to happen) day when I arrive somewhere on time with two kids in tow. Thankfully baseball season is almost over and I'll have my wonderful partner in crime back. Okay, just partner. I just have a hard time not adding "in crime" after the word "partner". Regardless of criminal activity or lack thereof, Brandon makes everything easier. He gets kids dressed, preps bags, and makes sure we are out the door on time. Landon made a great comment the other day. We were on our way to his house before heading to the Astros opening night game and he told Aja that if it were anyone else picking him up, he could count on a 5-10 minute grace period window of actual pickup time, but since it was the Strothers, he knew we'd be there right on time. Brandon and I both corrected him... it's not the Strothers individually that are both on time, but as a collective whole with Brandon in charge it was what to expect. I never claim punctuality as a strong suit of mine. Ask any kid who ever had me for 1st period at Needville.

The one thing that Brandon can't do for me right now is what is consuming my life, and that is looking for a job. Ideally Needville would hire me back but there isn't budget for that right now. Boo. So generally what I want is to teach ASL in a public high school near my house. Fort Bend ISD, Lamar CISD, Katy ISD or others. All told though, I have applied for around 25 different positions at 10 different districts. I've updated my resume. I've written personalized cover letters. I've sent in all my applications. I've written essays. I've studied for and tested for two additional certifications (English and Deaf/Hard of Hearing). I've made contacts. I've talked to parents. I've emailed principals, I've emailed secretaries, I've emailed them all again. I've had an interview, albeit for a position that is not available, it was an interview to get me in the system should something come up. Not altogether hopeless but I'm not waiting for that phone call any day now either. And I feel like I have done nothing else BUT this for the past month and a half. From the moment I wake up til the moment I fall asleep, this is on my mind. Not always the forefront, but it's there. I'm praying, wondering, hoping, wishing, searching, asking and waiting. I can't help but think about the line from Evan Almighty about patience: if you pray for patience, does God give you patience, or does He give you opportunities to be patient? I can't help but think it's the latter, and that this is yet another time for me to learn patience. IT IS NOT FUN.

I will have a job. I will. I know I will. I don't doubt that. I just wonder what and where it will be. And how many more months of full-time looking will it take me to find my full-time job.


  1. Oh job searching is the worst!!! When Lance was teaching right after college I can't count the hours we spent filling out those LONG district applications, writing and editing cover letters and looking up principal contacts to try to make a closer connection!! It's insane! What grade are you looking for? I know you told me but I forgot. :)

    1. Any grade at the high school level. Hopefully ASL but I'd be happy with English or Speech too.