Friday, April 26, 2013

Growing and Growing Up

My children are growing up before my eyes.

A couple of days ago as Peyton was falling asleep, he pulled my hand up to his mouth so I could help hold his pacifier in place. Whoa. A coordinated action. And so the baby phase starts its slow descent to the end. He can sleep with one arm out of his swaddle now and he is giving slobbery baby kisses (MY FAVORITE).

And Brooklyn keeps talking better and better. I'm glad other people are beginning to understand her more, but I'm not going to lie: yesterday morning she was still saying chichen and wawer, and by night time she was asking for chicken and water. In the course of an afternoon, the missing consonants have appeared.

There are bad days, but there is so much joy in my life, and I try hard to remember to appreciate all the little moments. The Houston Ballet sent me an advertisement for their upcoming production of Peter Pan yesterday. I wish we had the disposable income to go see it, because Peter Pan, as silly as it may sound, helps guide my life. It's the reason I say "adults" rather than "grown ups". I've mentioned my tattoo here before: it's the map to Neverland, where you never have to grow up. It's a constant visual reminder to always take time to play.

Today, I had a picnic with pretend popcorn. Brooklyn and I pantomimed tossing pieces up into the air to each other and catching them in our mouths. It was so much fun! This girl has a crazy imagination. She tells me she has to put glue on everything. Not just things that need fixing, mind you, but pieces of food and stuff too. I have no idea why or where it came from, but there it is. And I love the conversations we can have, especially when she's just pulling thoughts out of thin air. Take this conversation:

Me: Look, Brooklyn. The train is stuck on the train tracks.
Brooklyn: Hey yeah, Daddy fix it!
Me: You think Daddy can fix the train?
B: Sure!
Me: I don’t think Daddy knows how to fix trains.
B: Sure!
Me: Oh look, the train is going again.
B: See? Daddy!
Me: Daddy fixed it?
B: Yes!
Me: You sure?
B: Yes!
Me: You think Daddy left work to come all the way down to the train tracks so he could tell the conductor how to fix the train?
B: Might be.
Me: What did he do after he fixed the train?
B: Fix more trains.
Me: And after he fixes more trains what will he do?
B: Go to school.
Me: After school is over, then what?
B: Coach.
Me: When coaching is done, then what?
B: Take a nap.
Me: When he wakes up from his nap what will he do?
B: Sing a song. All done.
Me: That’s all he’s going to do?
B: Yes. All done.

You know what? My children are growing, but they aren't growing up. Grown ups don't play. And my kids are going to play with me and Brandon so much while they're kids that they will just continue to play the rest of their life.

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