Friday, March 8, 2013

Week Two Weigh-In!

Well, today is Friday, which means it's the second weigh in for me. I was a little nervous because I splurged this week and used up all my weekly points too. But, I did work out twice, which is infinitely more than I work out in a normal week, so I did have that going for me. Last week I weighed in at 175, and today...

The first time I weighed myself I had gained almost a pound, so after fighting back tears I tried again and this time it consistently read 174.2 for a weight loss of .8 pounds. Better, but not great. My favorite measurement of the day is my arms, which I've lost 1.5 inches on in these two weeks. No one wants the fat arm for pictures, right ladies?

This week the goal is to splurge less, eat more fruits and vegetables and continue working out.

PS- forgive that every week's weigh-in shot also includes this poster of Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan. She's not there for tiny inspiration, she's there because there is a perfect self-timer-appropriate shelf right across from her.

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