Friday, March 22, 2013

Week Four Weigh-In!

I was not looking forward to weighing in today. I had used all my weekly WW points and even a couple of my activity points (extra points I can exchange for food if I want based on how much I work out). I was worried. I told Brandon I would be shocked if I lost more than 1/2 a pound. But there was no reason to be. Last week I weighed 173 and this week I weigh


for a weekly loss of 1.8 pounds! I am truly a believer in Weight Watchers at this point. I had pizza, Hawaiian Stack and GOLDEN CHICK all this weekend while in Dallas, and just by also eating more fruits and vegetables and controlling my portions, I lost more weight than I had in each of the past two weeks. This is an incredible system. I eat three meals, I eat snacks, I eat chocolate. I do not feel like I'm dieting. I hardly ever feel hungry. I'm still getting enough nutrients because I am making plenty of milk to feed Peyton with, and he's still growing. I am in awe of how easy this is and how much it is working. Yes, I am also working out, but it's just 20-30 minutes a day, 3 days a week, moderate to high intensity depending on whether it's cardio or strength day on my Kinect game. Seriously, I am giddy over how awesome Weight Watchers is. There really is no better way to lose weight because they guide you along the way, challenge you with different routines and advise you when necessary. For instance, today when I weighed in I read a message that said even though I was probably excited about losing weight, I am losing it too fast. I looked closer and realized it was basing this on a 4-week average. In a normal 4-week period I shouldn't be losing more than 8 lbs, because that's 2 per week. I have lost 9.8 lbs in this 4-week period. However, since I lost 6 my first week (slightly better than normal loss for a first week of dieting), my 4-week average looks off. I'm not really losing too much too fast, because my other weeks have been -.8, -1.2 and -1.8.

I don't feel like I look any better, but I can successfully pull on and off the pants I own without unbuttoning or unzipping them. Also, I don't own any belts, so this is slightly problematic. They are seriously falling off me. I'm not eager to go out and buy clothes though, because I still have a long way to go before I reach my goal weight. So I guess I'll splurge on some cute belts in the meantime. That, and wear dresses and skirts more.

Though I may not feel like I look different, I've had multiple people tell me that I do, especially in my face. That makes me very happy, because chubby cheeks are only cute if you are under 2 years old.

I hit a new milestone today. I have officially lost 5% of my original weight. Pretty cool. And another reason why I love WW- I'm seeing it bit by bit and cheering myself on based on this week's achievement, not whining about how long it'll take me to lose another 41 lbs.

I've mentioned before how thankful I am for the supportive friends I have. I've also written about Brandon trying to support me as I work out, since it's something very much a part of his life, being an athlete since birth, and not something I like whatsoever. One person I have yet to write about in relation to losing weight is Brooklyn. Yesterday right in the middle of my Kinect Nike Training game, Brooklyn woke up from her nap and started knocking on the door for me to let her out, so I did. I wasn't going to stop working out, so I told her she could play with her toys or "read" while I finished, but she decided she was going to exercise with me instead. She tried so hard to copy each move I made. When I got down on the floor to do hip lifts, she laid down right next to me with one leg in the air too. When I stretched, she stretched. When I jumped, she jumped. When I started breathing hard, she started breathing hard, and then patted my arm and told me it was okay. What a sweet, gentle spirited child I have. She even cheered for me when I was all done and quietly played games on the iPad while I took a shower. Some days I wonder: could she be any easier to take care of?

Life is pretty good. I'm still trying to eat fruit and/or vegetables with every meal. I'm also now trying to plan my meals so I can know ahead of time each day how many points I will be eating so I can budget my snack points better. Also, in addition to working out 3x a week, I'm trying to find a way to be active the other 4 days too, even if it's something simple like going for a walk. Does walking up and down the living room with a crying baby count as exercise? Because surely I've got at least a mile under my belt today alone... sleep training troubles. But I'll save that for another day.


  1. Amazing job! You're doing great and keeping a good perspective!! A healthy perspective is half the battle. :)

    Love Brooklyn's sweet and sensitive heart. Cutie!