Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Well if that title doesn't make you eager to read on then I don't know what to tell ya!

I was SO excited that I worked out on Friday and didn't feel like I was going to die that I was almost looking forward to exercising on my next planned day, Monday. Of course we got back from Dallas/College Station around 9 PM so once Peyton was fed and he and Brooklyn were both in bed, the luggage was brought in and all I wanted to do was sleep. One more day off won't hurt, right?


I just finished a 23 minute workout... I just finished vomiting four times after a 23 minute workout. That's an average of 1 vomit per every 5.75 minutes. I even hurled after the cool down. How sad/sick is that? Not to mention Brandon had just gotten home from his baseball game when I started exercising, so when he tried to encourage me I just yelled at him. I know he means well, but I know I look pathetic and I feel ridiculous when I try to do some of these seemingly impossible moves (Star Jump Combo? Really? Is there any easier way to look like an overgrown 3 year old? My vertical is like 11 inches, so I look absurd). It just felt patronizing. So after a scowl and a few choice words I went about my business, yelling commands at the Kinect and skipping the rest periods so I could just get it over with. And I SWEAR if I hear Alex tell me ONE MORE TIME that I have trouble with jumping jacks I'm going to throw my shoes (that I now wear) at the TV.

Here's another fun add-on from exercise: I've got two pimples. Big ugly ones. Didn't have those before I started sweating to the oldies each day. So now I feel uncoordinated AND ugly. Oh, and still fat.

And I'm trying hard not to be angry, because we talked about how self-esteem is really of little importance today in Ladies' Bible Study. What matters is God-esteem, and how does God see us? Always in a positive light. God looks at the heart, he doesn't judge by external appearance. We need to feel God's acceptance which then leads to acceptance of ourselves. So now there's yet another thing to add to my to-do list, which is remember that how I feel really doesn't matter if it's not in accordance with how God feels about me. I've got to shut out all the demons and negativity and just do and be my best.

I also have one more thing to add to my to-do-in-Heaven list:
1. Punch Eve.
2. Ask God what the purpose of
  • mosquitoes
  • tonsils
  • appendix
And the new one: 3. Why did cardio have to be the way to lose fat? Can't ONE thing in life be easy? No? Okay.


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