Thursday, March 14, 2013

No Shoes, No Service

I completed one week of my Nike Kinect Training workout and started week two today. My fifth workout altogether, counting my assessment I did at the beginning to determine how sadly out of shape I am. This week is spring break, so Brandon is home. I made him go into our bedroom on Monday while I worked out. He offered to work out with me, but I was too embarrassed. I was determined to work out though. I'm stubborn.

No, I'm persistent. This isn't a new word for me, but as I was doing some paperwork the other day I realized that stubbornness is looked down upon, while persistence is praised and valued. So I'm persistent. And spunky, which is where being stubborn and persistent meets fun :)

Tonight I told Brandon I wasn't going to kick him out of the room, and that he could even watch and laugh at me if he wanted to. He said he wouldn't laugh. I said he might. He said he wouldn't.

First thing my personal trainer said was something about how I've had trouble with jumping jacks in the past. I said, "Whatever. Who has trouble with jumping jacks, Alex?" And Brandon laughed. I told him he would. He claims he was laughing at me interacting with a computer. This could be. It is a little silly to talk back to someone who doesn't exist.

He was very sympathetic with me when I told him afterwards about how my ankles are killing me. I've just got too much weight for my little ankles to support. And I'm wearing a good sports bra, but my back feels like it's going to break. How do big breasted women work out? HOW do you run without feeling like there's something large tugging on the front of you?

Well, the second question he didn't know much about, but he did answer my first question, albeit inadvertently. I mentioned, after my workout, that everything I was trying to do would be so easy for him, and that it would be interesting for him to do the assessment I did. He agreed, and went to the closet. Why? To put on socks and tennis shoes.

*face palm*

Why didn't I think of that?

Why didn't he think of that?

Yes friends, I had been working out barefoot. This could IS why I kept buckling when I tried to hop or put any kind of weight and pressure on my ankles.

"Oh yeah," he says, "Most people work out with ankle braces too. That will definitely help."

I feel like a moron, but he didn't notice it either until it was his turn to try. I guess just because I exercise on carpet in my living room doesn't mean I can be lax enough to, you know, not wear shoes.

I'm dumb. I look forward to wearing shoes on Friday.

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  1. Ditto your question - I have NO idea how breastfeeding women work out regularly. This has been my excuse of not working out for the past 10 months. Ha!! I can only use this excuse for 2 more months and then I need to find another one - or just suck it up and start moving! :) And for the record I could do maybe 10 jumping jacks before passing out.