Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Brooklyn's Vocabulary Decoder

Brandon and I have been very blessed by Brooklyn over these past two years. She took to a schedule easily as a baby, she sleeps 12 hours, enjoys napping, hasn't had a problem with transitions (we're in her third residence now- two apartments and one house), and is overall just a very sweet girl. She's kind and generous, wanting to help and share for the most part.

However, she's far from perfect, and never more obvious than when she's trying to talk. The girl loves to talk, loves to say things that she knows how to say. The problem is that she thinks she can say a lot more things than she can. Brandon and I often have to guess 6-8 words that sound close to the sounds she's making and still get it wrong. And if the two of us can't always understand her, what chance does the rest of the world she communicates with? She is smart, but enunciation is certainly not her strong suit. Therefore, I've decided to create a Vocabulary Decoder to have on-hand to turn to in times of need. You know, like a handy Spanish-English dictionary when you're in Mexico and trying to tell the taxi driver where you need to go.

Brooklyn's Vocabulary Decoder

Brooklyn's Word:Oh-oh
Possible definitions: Uh-oh, Open, Orange, Over

Brooklyn's Word: No
Possible definitions: No, Milk

Brooklyn's Word: Kuh-kee or Kuh-koo
Possible definitions: Pumpkin, Color, Costume, Cowgirl, Castle, Cracker

Brooklyn's Word: Tah-too
Possible definitions: Tattoo, Tower, Potato, Toy Story, Cheerios

More to come. It's a work in progress. But this should help with anyone who babysits her in the near future.