Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Return of the Crazy Dreams

I've been known to have a lot of crazy dreams in my time. They may not be any wackier than the average person's dreams, but I tend to remember mine and can replay them back as if watching a movie. I absolutely love movies, and I'm totally fascinated by dreams, so together I create a perfect storm while I sleep. Last night was no different. Surprising, since I realized I hadn't had any dreams of any kind for weeks now. At least none worth remembering, rewinding and reliving.

So I'm laying on a bench on Hollywood Blvd. Chilling, relaxing in the sunshine with my shades. All of a sudden, Jimmy Fallon and Lily Tomlin walk up to me and ask if I'd like to sit in the dentist chair. I'm like cool- improvisational, on-the-street sketch comedy! What fun! So they wheel out this bright yellow dentist chair and I start acting like I'm auditioning for Saturday Night Live, making over-the-top faces, goofy voices and slapstick comedy like falling out of the chair. I guess they didn't like me all that much, because they quickly moved on to something else, leaving me confused and sad that I didn't get the part.

On a nearby screen flashes a clip from the MTV awards, or some other equally lame and unimportant one. Dumb as it may be, I am impressed that the 3 guys who are introducing Linkin Park on TV at this show are my three ex-boyfriends, Ryan, JD and Jake. But in my dream I call Brandon and tell him that it's JD and JD and JD... because that was the only name I could remember. Luckily he knew who all I was talking about so I didn't have to ever bother remembering.

I walk across the street to this giant house that had staircases for storage closets. Seriously, and I thought it was the neatest thing, like something right out off Pinterest. They had a main staircase and then you turned to the right and there was a door. Open the door and you see that their stairs had been blocked off halfway up and at the bottom and there was all sorts of toys and junk being stored there. Ingenious in my dream, totally impractical now that I'm awake. But, you could stand at this railing and throw bean bags onto a game in the living room that connected to said staircase storage. That was fun. Or I dreamed the illusion of fun-ness...

Amos Gutierrez is there and he starts showing me around the rest of the house. Landon Speights and Sarina Grasham are hanging out there too. Makes total sense for us all to be in a fun house in California together, right? Brandon and Aja Speights showed up a few minutes after we started playing a board game of some sort and we all got Taco Cabana and said we were thankful we were married to our own spouses and not each others.

The End.

Jimmy Fallon
Lily Tomlin
 (Just in case you were wondering)


  1. Ok, that is hilarious. How I got into that crazy dream of yours, I have not a clue. Thanks for sharing. Hey, I love Taco C too ;-)

  2. I love that you actually remember ALL of your dream. I remember my dreams for approximately 2.5 seconds after I wake up, ha.

  3. I love when I remember my dreams ... so much fun to review and think about what it might mean.