Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Potty-Training Woes

It has been decided that we will not have two children in diapers at the same time. I never really cared about that one way or another before. Yes, it's cheaper because diapers are expensive, but potty-training is tough. And time-consuming (not sure if I am supposed to hyphenate that or not). It's much more convenient to have diapers so you don't have to stop what you're doing every 10 minutes and ask a toddler if they have to go.

However, the time has come. Brooklyn understands what diapers are, sometimes goes into the bathroom after she has dirtied a diaper, likes to sit on the toilet, grab toilet paper, and then flush... there's just one piece missing. So here we go: by January 2013 when baby #2 gets here, my child will be potty-trained. And I will not be discouraged in the process.

When showing her what it looks like to go potty, she stared in awe and told me, "Good girl!". When I asked if she wanted to try? "No, no". I will not be discouraged.

When preparing for bath time and I take off her diaper, then ask her if she needs to go tee tee (how DO you spell that?? TT? Titi? They all look so odd) and she pees on the floor, then says, "I tee tee!"... I will not be discouraged.

When we ALMOST make it to the bathroom before soiling a diaper, then sitting on the toilet to practice wiping, just to hear Brooklyn say "I potty!" and me having to tell her "No, honey, not quite"... I will not be discouraged.

On a side note, I always told myself I would just ask my children if they needed to pee, not tee tee... and now that I'm in that stage of life, "pee" just sounds so vulgar. Odd. Even this won't discourage me.

I'm not buying any more diapers. We're on a journey and shall reach our destination soon!  She is 22 months old and can count to ten, say countless numbers of words, even sentences (my favorite being "Mommy- eat cracker!"), she can figure out how to turn on the iPad, find Netflix and start watching Sesame Street, can dance, tumble, and calls the arm of my chair her "beam" (gymnastics in the Olympics really had an impact, obviously). She sleeps in her own room, in her own big girl bed without rails and has only fallen out twice. She can entertain herself with toys or movies and allows me a fair amount of "me" time to get ready each day. She has memorized portions of all her favorite books... in fact, I'm pretty sure she can read "The Spooky Old Tree" to me! She understands families and who goes together- asks everyday about Pearl, Lindsay and "Coco" (Uncle Cody). She's a smart girl who can do just about everything else I've ever asked her to do. We are totally going to beast this potty-training thing. I will not be discouraged!!


  1. Good luck!! You can pass on your tips to me, whenever we reach that stage! :)

  2. You go, girl. We started 4 weeks ago and accidents do still occur. She uses pee pee as an excuse for everything from not wanting to eat her food, to not wanting to be in the corner for time out or bed time. This is definately a time of trials!! At this point I am so sick of potty training. I think Hannah is so smart and knows how to be manipulative with it. Life with a strong willed child. :-) I hope your experience with it goes smoothe!! Good luck!