Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Possible Blog Topics

So here's what's been happening lately.

We are about to close on our house. 10:30 AM tomorrow. We've already been in it a month renting and are trying to get everything done. This place is literally twice the size of our most recent apartment so it's taking quite a while to put everything where it belongs. So far Brooklyn's room and the kitchen are the only rooms completely finished, but on the other hand, our bedroom is the only one that is a total disaster too, so we're mostly in the middle.

We found out on Friday that we are going to be having a BOY on January 8th (or December 31st if I can convince my doctor to induce me for tax reasons... seriously). His name will be Peyton Glenn Strother- Peyton because we've both always loved that name (no joke- when we started dating we decided our children would be named Peyton and Brooklyn. God was kind to us in giving us one of each like we wanted!) and Glenn because that is Brandon's middle name...and his dad's, his papa's and his great-grandfather's. So: Peyton Glenn will be the 5th Strother boy to have that middle name. Always the first born son. Pretty cool.

Brooklyn is in the midst of potty-training, and I have never experienced anything so frustrating. My personal favorite as of late was when she sat on the potty and farted, then told me she pooped. Close kid, but no cigar. Or perhaps how she gets that she can pull down her pull-up and go to the bathroom, but doesn't understand that you can't just drop your pull-up anytime, anywhere... like when you're pooping, in your bedroom. *Sigh* Love that we happened to have company at the time, so Lauren and Brady Blanks got an eyeful. Be prepared- your little girl will be there sooner than you realize!

School just started back for Brandon, as did tennis, so he's gone all day til 5 which is bearable, but a big change from having him home all summer.

Brooklyn's birthday is on October 3rd and I'm in the middle of planning a Sesame Street party. We're excited to have everyone over to our house to celebrate, but holy cow the list of children to invite is ever expanding. Not sure how to fix this dilemma.

All of this is just to show how I've been a little busy, thus the lack of blogging. I did, however, get on my computer the other day to look at my Word document I keep on my desktop entitled "Possible Blog Topics and Other Projects". I wanted to take a break from my unpacking, potty-training, cleaning and other business to just write something interesting or funny. I was shocked to find this:

Top 10 lists
I want to start really writing
All's fair in love and war
A little prick, mother of pearl
Sayings book
Futuristic worlds
^That was my list of things to write about. Make any sense to you? Me neither!! I can remember what I was going to say for only two of these so-called possible blog topics. What was I going to say about Xanga? That I have terrible high school memories of it involving counselors and tricks on ex-boyfriends? No- that's not funny. Not at all. That sucked. All's fair in love and war? Well, it's not. So that one draws a blank too. I think the next one was about funny phrases that can mean totally different things... i.e. I'm going to give you a little prick with this needle vs. that guy is a little prick... or saying sweet mother of pearl! when you see something wild, vs. me telling you that my sister, Lindsay, is the mother of Pearl. The sayings book had something to do with what Brandon and I would do together on our first dates, rewriting philosophical sayings so they were humorous and/or inappropriate. And futuristic words? Beats me.

 It reminds me of songwriters who will get ideas while they dream, write them down in a notebook beside them so they don't forget what they thought up, and then go back to sleep. But half the time they wake up the next day and say, "What the heck??"

So I'm a little bummed that I can't figure out what I was going to write about, because that was like 5 blogs that could have enlightened your hum-drum lives. Of course I am writing about not writing about them, so at least you get one. Lucky you.

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  1. Congrats on your new home! So exciting. We're doing a Sesame Street party for Autumn's birthday too. I am making these cute topiaries for decoration. If you want to borrow them let me know. There is an example picture of them on my blog. I am more than halfway done and they look pretty cute.