Thursday, March 8, 2012


As I sit here trying to decide which blessing to put as my Facebook status, I opt for a blog entry about them all instead.

Today I am thankful for...

1. Tylenol. Brooklyn must be getting her remaining 8 teeth all at once, because she has been whining like crazy, screaming, acting out, chewing on her fingers, getting a runny nose, not sleeping, wanting a pacifier again and nothing has been helping. I try not to give her Tylenol unless she's got a high fever but today I couldn't take it anymore. Thank you, Tylenol, for your ability to be given to children under two. She has been in a peaceful, pain-free sleep since noon. It is now 3:30 PM and she sleeps still. I went in about 1/2 an hour ago to make sure she was still breathing. You know, moms do that kind of thing.

2. My family. Growing up we used to have family reunions every or every other year. We would go to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach in Alabama (except for that one year that Uncle Jack decided we needed to go camping. Please. Don't get me started on my fear and loathing for scorpions because of it). It was the Allen reunion, so my Papa and his brothers and sister's kids, grandkids, and now even great grandkids. But we haven't had a reunion since... well, Brandon never got to go to one, so probably 2005 was the last summer we all got together. It's extremely hard now because there are so many of us and we're spread out from Texas to Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina and who knows where else. It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that those days of family reunions are over, which makes me sad, because I kind of made myself the children's activity planner (very fitting, considering my current job). Every time we were together, I'd get all the cousins on board for an outing of some sort: go-kart racing, putt putt golfing, carnival, laser tag, games of charades in our condos- you name it, we did it, and probably more than once. I'm thankful for all the memories I have of those summers, and I'm thankful that there is a possibility we have a small Allen reunion in the works for this year. Just Granny and Papa's family, which is still a lot of people to get together from four different states, but just talking about it makes me happy. So I'm thankful today for my Granny and Papa, Uncle Barry, Aunt Vicki, Josh, Anna Kate, Uncle Bill, Betsy, Rebecca, Steven, mom, dad, Lindsay, Cody, Pearl, Kirby, and all the spouses, soon to be spouses or children in the family that I haven't even met yet. I hope to do so soon :)

3. Lint rollers. This may seem silly, but lint rollers are the only thing that can even come remotely close to cleaning our couch. Normally I don't care about getting all the cat hair off the couch because let's face it: it's just going to get back on there again. But- Steve and Ruth Ann are coming in town tonight and if I don't try to get a hairball free apartment, no amount of Benadryl will keep Steve going this weekend!

4. Anna Peters and Mary Fink. If you don't know these ladies, meet them. They are two servants on the children's ministry team and are two of the most loving and cheerful people I've ever known. I just instantly become happy talking to them.

5. Books. I may have a Mac, I may know how to edit movies and music, but some pieces of technology are just not up my alley. I won't get a Smartphone because I can text faster than all of you on my flip phone, and I won't get a Kindle because I like paper. I started reading the original "Winnie the Pooh" book yesterday- my copy was published in 1968. So neat to feel something that old and nostalgic in my hands as I flip through it. I love the smell of aged paper, and I know seeing classic Pooh hanging as a rain cloud from his blue balloon just wouldn't look the same on a computer screen.

6. Trisha Clark and our Tuesday Ladies' Bible class. Since I work on Sundays, that's become my church time. And I thoroughly enjoy going to church on Tuesdays :) I may not be very good at living the life of a simple woman, but I do love learning about how to do it!

There are lots more things to be thankful for. In fact I could go on and make this post an infinite length, but I won't. I think I've written just enough to hopefully get you all thinking about a few things that you are thankful for today too!

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  1. I've got one - I'm thankful for YOU!!! See how God has been making you into just the right person who came along at just the right time to bless us all? For the rest of your life, this season is one of those you'll look back on and say, "Yep, God put that all together. Woo-hoo!" (I think if I were writing Psalms, there would be lots of "woo-hoos" where David put "praise the Lord," but we'd mean the same thing.)