Thursday, February 2, 2012

Every Little Thing I Do is Magnified

To the tune of "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" by the Police

Every little thing I do is magnified
Every little move I make is seen
Even when I think she isn't watching
Now I know she's sneaky, smart and keen...

Last night I was fumbling for my keys standing by the van, and Brooklyn leaned forward to put her sippy cup on top of the hood. No big thing, until I saw she was grinning ear to ear at me. I realized that she put her cup the same place I always put my cups when I have one while I put everything else in the car. The cup always comes last. It dawned on me; she's been watching me this whole time? She sees me place my Chick-Fil-A cups on the hood of the van in this exact spot and is copying me now? She must be- she's so proud of herself! Pretty cute, right? And also terrifying as a parent. She sees everything. She hears everything. She monitors and watches everything and copies me to try and make me happy. Oh boy. What a responsibility I have!

Today I strapped her into her stroller and she showed me the button to push that unstraps everything. She's not strong enough to push it, but she showed me nonetheless, and I told her how smart she was! Kind of a loaded compliment, because as smart as she gets and the more she catches on to things, the more on my guard I need to be. I can't watch my TV shows with her in the room anymore because I don't want her repeating the simplest of dirty words (even "crap" has been taken out of the Strother adult vocabulary).

It made me really sad to hear another parent in our apartment complex refer to his child as "you lazy a** kid". And we wonder where manners have gone? Why we're mean to each other? Because our children grow up with hearing these phrases being said to other adults and what's worse, to their own faces.  It breaks my heart. Makes me want to tell them "you is kind, you is smart, you is important!" And that God loves them, even when it seems like their own parents don't.

We've always got to be on our guard as parents and as Christians to be doing what's right, not because it's going to get us ahead in this life or the next, but because it's what right to do. If we want the next generation learning what's right, then we have to be the examples for it.

I just hope Brooklyn doesn't pick up my bad habits. I get cavities because of the way I slosh my soda around in my mouth, for one thing. I can't help it. I'm just not good as swallowing stuff immediately. I have to make these chipmunk cheeks first. Go figure.

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  1. So true about being on your guard and watching habits/words when around little ones. I noticed that with the little ones I nanny... they pick up on everything... little sponges!