Monday, January 2, 2012

CVS Band Aids

Got a little story for you, Ags.

We drew names for Christmas presents this year. It turned out to be extremely humorous when I bought Ruth Ann things she already owned and Patrick bought me Black and Decker tools. Long story short, we made lists on Facebook of what we wanted (I obviously ignored Ruth Ann's and thought I was being clever. Ha.) and I listed "rotary cutter" as one thing I would like for Christmas. Patrick, bless his heart (you can say whatever you want about a person as long as you say "bless his/her heart" in front of it), thought he was buying me the right thing. He even called Brandon to try and make sure that was really what I wanted. From what I was told later, the conversation went something like this:

Patrick: She said she wanted a rotary tool but that it was supposed to be only like 10-15 dollars. This one is like 30.
Brandon: Well, maybe she was looking at a cheap one when she looked.
P: Maybe. Or maybe she was talking about the accessories that go with it. Those cost 10. I could get her the tool and the accessories. Would she like that?
B: Yeah, that'd be great!

So on Christmas when I opened it and was dumbfounded and had to ASK what I had received...

Patrick: You wanted a rotary.
Me: A rotary cutter... it's a quilting tool.
P: Oh. Well, I didn't know. Brandon thought it was the right thing too.
B: If you had told me it was Black and Decker I would have KNOWN you were wrong!

Anyway, as neat as a real rotary is, I don't do much handiwork around the apartment. And since Patrick was gracious enough to leave me the gift receipt, I swapped it for the tool I wanted.

And let me tell you: that thing is COOL! This 45 mm blade cuts through fabric like nobody's business. I'm finally starting my t-shirt quilts, so I cut up all my old favorites yesterday as step one. I also, however, cut my hand in the process. And let me tell you: that thing is SHARP! I don't even want to admit that I cut myself with a sharp object. It's akin to Ralphie finally saying, "Oh no, I shot my eye out!" at the end of "A Christmas Story". You don't want to prove all the wise men right. But yeah, I wasn't careful with my new toy and gave myself a nice sliver of a cut.

Rotary cutter- very neat tool. Very useful for my project.

CVS band-aids- absolutely worthless. You cannot even drink from a slightly sweaty cup without soaking up the stickiness and making it fall off. And don't even THINK about washing your hands or any dishes. Uh uh. No sir. I have gone through literally 1/3 of a box of these stinkin' band aids just trying to keep my tiny cut from being aggravated. I can't stand when a product works perfectly well and then someone goes and makes the knock off, which we cheap folks buy, and then are seriously disappointed by when they don't work. Welcome to my soapbox on corporate greed. Everyone wants to turn a buck so they take other people's great ideas and make them suck because people will buy them if they're cheaper. Here's some honest truth: some things are worth paying the extra money for. Pampers work. Cheerios and Toasty O's do not taste the same. Next time I'm shelling out the money for REAL Band Aids. And also I'm probably going to just be more careful with sharp objects.

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  1. Rotary cutters ARE super sharp! I went to a quilting workshop at my church (with the old ladies) last year and WHOA. I also agree that it's worth it to shell out the bucks for Band-Aids and Cheerios, but I've found that Marshmallow Mateys taste as good as Lucky Charms, and Apple Zaps taste better than Apple Jacks.