Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Personality Assessment Inventory

We've all taken surveys and questionnaires like these before. You know, the ones that ask the same thing over and over with a slight change in the wording or order in the sentence? The ones that have 300 questions and you answer with "True, Mostly True, Sometimes True or Never True" and are supposed to help decode what you would be good with in life or as a career?

I finally got to go to the doctor yesterday to get re-evaluated for the anxiety/depression medication I've talked about on here. The psychologist suggested I take one of these "Personality Assessment Inventory" response booklets and answer 344 questions that will maybe give him some clue as to whether or not I need to stay on my current meds or not. Why not? Shouldn't take long, right?

Wrong. Not because there are a lot of questions, because they're really fairly easy to answer and all I do is circle an answer choice. It's taking me forever because I keep laughing at some of the questions. The doctor warned me that some of the questions would not apply to me at all. He wasn't kidding. I understand that this is given to a variety of people, and I see questions that refer to alcoholics, drug addicts, schizophrenics, manic-depressives, etc. but some of these were just too bizarre not to share.

These are some of the odd ones that really made my night for some reason. Maybe because I think I'd like to meet the person who would answer "Very True" to them all:

40. My favorite poet is Raymond Kertezc.
90. Sometimes it seems that my thoughts are broadcast so that others can hear them. (Paranoia or schizophrenia maybe...)
120. My favorite sports event on television is the high jump.
249. Sometimes my vision is only in black and white.
266. I will not ride in airplanes.
290. I don't believe there are people who can read minds.
309. I'm the target of a conspiracy (Okay, that's paranoia, but I liked the way it was phrased so I wrote it anyway).
312. I frequently have diarrhea. (Really not sure what that would have to do with your psychological being...)

And my favorite:
280. Most people look forward to a trip to the dentist.

Is there anyone who is going to respond to "Most people look forward to a trip to the dentist" with "Very True"???

Just thought I'd share. We're all crazy, just in different ways.

Who's Raymond Kertezc anyway?

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  1. Would you like a day fun?
    Read a po'm by Raymond!
    Which Ray is that, you ask?
    Certainly it's Kertezc!
    Never heard of that guy?
    Yes, admit, don't be shy!
    Someone opted to make
    A poet who is just fake! :-)