Thursday, December 8, 2011

Facebook vs. Christmas Cards

We got a Christmas card in the mail the other day from some family members that had a year in pictures that had been printed on a piece of paper, highlighting their favorite moments of 2011. Normally I am against Christmas newsletters because frankly, usually the people who do them are bragging about their for-no-reason-other-than-the-fact-we-have-money-to-blow vacations to Cabo and what not, so sorry, I'm not interested. However, I really liked the pictures of all the neat things and places that our cousins put in their card. Very cute, very informative, to the point and didn't seem like obnoxious braggarts. Brownie points to Aunt Leslie- nice job Buffs!

So Brandon says, "We should do one of these!"

Alarm bells go off in my head because let's face it, I have put enough projects on my plate at this time of year and do not have the time or energy to go find pictures to piece together and print off to tell the story of our year.

He clarifies, "Not this year, but maybe later when we have another kid and are doing vacations and fun things".

Oh, okay. That's better. But still... the anti-newsletter part of me is yelling at the I-love-showing-off-my-child part of me and I'm conflicted.

"People like to see pictures of friends and family! They want to know what we're up to!"

Yeah, I say, that's what Facebook is for.

And so it dawned on me: why am I sending out 70+ Christmas cards? I'm friends with nearly all of these people who are getting a card on Facebook. They have seen recent pictures of me, Brandon, and Brooklyn. A lot of the card getters go to church with us, so they see us every week. I even had to send out a mass message to about 15 people on Facebook, asking for their address so I can send them a Christmas card. Why do they care? Why buy the 4 books of stamps? Why buy or make Christmas cards? Why print photos? All of this adds up and becomes quite a bit of money. Why don't we just put our Christmas card pictures on Facebook and all send e-greetings over the holidays?

Here's the answer:

There's just something about getting a real piece of mail.

It's true. Certain things just don't go out of style, and as long as the United States Postal Service is up and running, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be mailing out Christmas cards, no matter how long it takes to make and address them, no matter how often I see the people who are receiving them, and no matter what it costs me to do it. It's the same reason why I won't ever buy a Nook or Kindle or anything like that. I like real books. I like paper. I want the pages. I want a real bookmark. I want to see how worn it gets because I read it over and over and carry it with me on trips. And I want real Christmas cards.

So be prepared- your card and photo are in the mail. I hope to be gracing your refrigerator doors soon, and know that you will be gracing mine. Thanks in advance to the Buffs, Speights and Sherwoods, whose cards I've already gotten.

'Tis the season to do some mailing! The internet is great for social networking and blogging, but let's keep it away from our Christmas cards :)

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