Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eddie Murphy

Here's a couple of additional money saving tips I forgot to mention before:

Have your wedding in the winter with a wintry theme. You have no idea how many snowflake ornaments and decorations we have because of it :) For most of you, this tip is too little too late, but for the high schoolers who read my blog, take note!

Don't spend your money on brown packing paper that you can only use for wrapping boxes you're going to ship. It's totally unnecessary, especially if you're like me and have a never-ending supply of Christmas wrapping paper. Take your least favorite (or the one your mom used year in and year out and was finally tired of seeing in her closet) and wrap your shipping boxes inside out with it. Kill two birds with one stone: one less thing to buy, and one more thing you get to consolidate, right Wendi? :)

And now for something completely different.

Eddie Murphy is not funny. He's not. Don't try to tell me he is, because you're wrong. He has an annoying voice, which ruins Shrek for me. He has one character (the Klumps and Nutty Professors are all the same, please tell me you know this). He makes cheap humor at the expense of fart noises, and he just keeps getting worse as the years go on.

I will not hide my contempt for most things Murphy, and I'll defend my case at all costs. But man... when it comes to Christmas and I watch the SNL Christmas special each year, I can't help but applaud at his one piece of brilliance: Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood. So, Mr. Murphy, despite how I change the channel at Beverly Hills Cop and roll my eyes at Daddy Day Care and Norbit, I salute you for giving me one of my favorite holiday sketches of all time.

"Today's letter is the letter X. What starts with the letter X?"

"Chris. Mas. Chris. Mas. Guess what else begins with the letter X?"


Merry Christmas, Eddie Murphy. May you revert to 1975 and the most humorous you've ever been. And to all a good night.

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