Friday, October 28, 2011

I Married Baseball's Nostradamus

I need a new heart. The Rangers/Cardinals game attacked mine last night.

At least I have my own Nostradamus in the house. Brandon has predicted everything (good and bad) to happen in the World Series. He has called at least 4 different home runs and never predicted a home run that didn't turn out to happen. At first it was a funny joke, but as the game went on and he predicted the back to back homers by Beltre and Cruz and then the Hamilton 2-run shot, I started to think my husband had magical powers.

Me: Predict something good for the Rangers pitchers!
Brandon: I can't just predict something good because I want it to happen, it has to come to me and be true. And so far I've been right about my predictions for the relief pitchers too- they've just all been bad outcomes!

He must have sent his "I've got a bad feeling about this" pitching vibes my way in the bottom of the 11th, because I opted to brush my teeth and get ready for bed instead of watching the Cardinals bat. I only found out what happened when I turned off the water and heard the silence of a television in "power off" mode. Game over. Stupid David Freese. And even stupider Lance Berkman. Man, I can't stand that guy. I didn't even like him when he was in Houston. Brandon asked why, and I told him I think it's for shallow reasons... I didn't like looking at him because he's fat and ugly. Now at least I have a legitimate reason not to like him.

All of this prediction stuff made Brandon pretty proud of himself. I think it went to his head.

7:00 Friday morning
Scene- Brandon getting ready for work while Tracey tries to keep sleeping. Brandon gets back in bed.

Brandon: Have a good day with our baby. I have a feeling she's going to do something extraordinary.
Me: Oh yeah? Like what?
Brandon: She's going to skip walking and go straight into running, she'll leap tall buildings, fly like an eagle into the future and speak parseltongue. And it begins when she wakes up at exactly 7:45 AM! Call me when this starts to happen so I can quit school and come home to see it. Wait, nevermind, they're throwing me a birthday lunch today. I guess I'll just have to miss all of it.

What a weirdo. Obviously his prophetic insight extends only as far as major league baseball. Or hopefully sports in general. I'd really like a prediction of Alabama being undisputed, undefeated national champs again this year :)

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