Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Can't Buy Me Love

I sent an Evite today and afterwards it sent me to a page that said "This page sponsored by the following:" and then had an ad for VistaPrint, asking me if I wanted 250 free cards. Sure, why not? Then I realized they were business cards. Well, I don't have a business, so nevermind. But wait: you can make MOMMY cards. Yes folks, it's true. They were attempting to lure me in to giving them business so I can brag about being a mother.
See? I kid you not.
The website claims the following as the top 5 uses for the "Mommy Cards":
-Hand out when setting up play dates
-Leave one with the babysitter
-Put one in your kids' backpack
-Use them for diaper bag tags
-Tuck into holiday cards and invitations

Forgive me if you're into this stuff, but isn't this just a TAD pretentious? I can't imagine handing anyone one of these without sounding like Cruella DeVil.

"Dahling, you will remember to call when the play date has been rescheduled. And do try to remember not to bake cookies next time. Calories, you know!"

Please. Don't we have cell phones? Can't we plug each other's numbers in? Seems like this "Mommy Card" business is just am excuse to extort from proud parents. Its the same reason kids are so spoiled this generation: the public tells us we have to buy BUY BUY everything in sight for our children so they know we love them and they will never be in want for anything. Sorry, but no. You do not have to spend money to prove that you are a good parent.

I'll say it again.


Brooklyn lives in a 930 square foot apartment. There is not a single piece of furniture and hardly any toy that was bought for her by either me or Brandon. Granted, one reason is because there are lots of people around us (namely, her grandparents) who love to spend their money on her, and that's great! There's nothing wrong with showering the people you love with gifts. It is obviously ONE way to show your appreciation and care. But it's not the only one.

The Beatles got it right. Can't buy me love. It was true in 1964 and it's still true today. If we lived in a shack with one pair of clothes, socks with holes worn through them, ate Ramen Noodles for dinner every night and played with bottle caps and wooden spools Brooklyn would still love us. If we lived in a mansion, gave her a pony and dresses made of solid gold she would love us too. It doesn't matter. Brandon could be he prince or the pauper and Brooklyn would still give him hugs and kisses when he comes through the door.

Maybe I'm being too hard on the whole idea of Mommy Cards. Some of those top 5 uses make sense and could actually be helpful, but I'd just feel silly telling our babysitter, "We're going to dinner and a movie... here's my card..." or writing a Christmas card saying "Happy Holidays. God Bless. And for all your motherly needs, contact me..."

I'm proud to be Brooklyn's mommy. I want to give her everything she needs and a few of the things she wants too. I guess I just don't feel that I need a business card claiming that as my identity. I know I'm a good mom, and I don't need to pay anyone to prove it to me or anybody else in this world.


  1. No I agree with you. I mean, it makes sense to have a business card but what's the point of a mommy card? In regards to the reasons listed by vistaprint:
    - playdates = put the contact info in your cell
    - babysitter = why not just have a permanent list on the fridge or something?
    - kid's backpack = I'd rather get one of the travel things that has my info on it, no need to buy 250 mommy cards
    - diaper bag = see above
    - holiday cards and invites = if it's a holiday card, won't the people you're sending it to already have your contact info? If it's an invite, won't the info be ON THE INVITE?

    Put that all together --> mommy cards = useless!