Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Losing My Sight, Losing My Mind

For all who love to read, but an especially loud cry for help from fellow moms.

I had a little outing the other day to pick up a few needed and a few wanted items (we all know they are two separate categories). I bought Brooklyn a really cute Minnie Mouse t-shirt (yay clearance items!) at Target. I also bought (at a variety of stores) a 2-liter Coke, deli turkey, nail polish, a Halloween decoration, a car air freshener, medicine and some pictures from my USB that I got printed. The only problem is the Minnie Mouse shirt is missing. I need all the Sherlock Moms out there to put their thinking caps on and figure out what happened to it.

The Coke and turkey are in the fridge. No shirt.
The nail polish and medicine are in the bathroom. No shirt.
The Halloween decoration is in Brooklyn's room. No shirt.
The car air freshener is in the van. No shirt.
The pictures are on the table. No shirt.
The USB is in the diaper bag. No shirt.
The receipts are in the trash. No shirt (Yes, I even checked the trash can).
The plastic bags used to carry said items are in the closet (Future kitty litter usage). No shirt (Yeah, checked all 1,000 Target bags we have stocked up too).

And I couldn't have left it in the store, because I left Target with ONE bag, and it was in there. I even thought "Ew gross, it's right next to the cold turkey" as I left the store.

Where haven't I looked? Wherever that is, that's where the shirt is.

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  1. Under the van seats. Things tend to escape grocery sacks and hide under there. Good luck!