Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Is This Going to Give Me Food Poisoning?": Part II

Part I of this saga was never mentioned in the blog world, though my friends on facebook are well aware of what happened. Long story short, I made a dinner which only my husband ate and he proceeded to miss the next day of school with a very messy bout of food poisoning.

Given my track record, I was not surprised as Brandon suspiciously eyed the dinner I made this evening. Fruit salad- looked fine. No rotten fruit. Homemade onion rings- something I've made before- good good unhealthy stuff. Crockpot Lemon Chicken...

Brandon: "What is this?"

Me: "It's chicken. What does it look like?"

Brandon: "Liver." (glances in pan on stove) "And onions??? Liver and onions? Why???"

Me: "It's chicken, trust me. And you like my onion rings. Back off."

*We sit down to table and begin to eat*

Brandon: "Here you go Brooklyn."

Me: "Are you feeding the chicken to your daughter first?"

Brandon: "Yeah, I want to see if she likes it before I eat any."

*Brooklyn smiles and gobbles it up*

Brandon: "Okay."

Me: "It's very tender."


Me: "You don't even need a knife for it."


Me: "It's the same general idea with Dr. Pepper ham- a sweet drink and a meat."


Me: "Man. This is weird."

Brandon: "This is very weird."

Me: "This is really really weird."

Brandon: "If I eat it quickly, then drink water, then eat an onion it's not so bad. How did you make this? Why is it so dark?"

Me: "Because there is ketchup in it."


Brandon: "Ketchup? You mean ketchup, chicken and lemonade were all just sitting together in a crock pot all day?"

Me: "It sounds disgusting when you say it like that."

Brandon: "How much ketchup?"

Me: "Three tablespoons."

Brandon: "That's so gross. If you had said, 'I'm making Crockpot Lemon Chicken tonight. It has ketchup in it', I would have said 'That's weird. Don't add ketchup'."

*sigh. He's right. Why would anyone think lemonade and ketchup together is a good idea? Why didn't I read that and assume the person who wrote the recipe is a crackhead?*

So what have we learned tonight? My child will eat just about anything. And my husband won't tell me my cooking is bad until I admit it myself first :) I've got a sweet family.

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