Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Tale of the Dancing Queen and Her History of Money

I went up to Needville High School yesterday. This is where I worked for the past two years as the speech and debate teacher. I loved teaching speech, but debate was time consuming and after a while I found my heart just wasn't in it. Turns out competing in something and coaching it are very different, and when I got the choice to resign and take an extra few thousand dollars in order to stay home with Brooklyn, the decision wasn't all that hard.

I worried about money a little, but the more we looked at our budget we realized that with what we were saving in daycare, gas, tolltag usage, etc, it wasn't going to be nearly as much of a lifestyle change as we realized. Then Brandon got the news that he is officially coaching 3 sports this year (baseball, basketball and tennis) which means there's some extra money for us and I don't need to worry about trying to find odd jobs like judging at debate tournaments on the weekends, tutoring on Skype, or interpreting at night. It's nice not to worry. Nice not to work.

Lie. I like working. I always have. And I'm a pro when it comes to finding random ways to make money.


Now introducing the one, the only TRACEY the dorky show choir queen of choreography!! Yes, it's true. I will be choreographing this year's brand new Needville High School Show Choir concerts. Can I dance? Nope. Is there anyone in the world who doesn't know this? No, including my friend the choir teacher who has hired me. But luckily there is a difference between DANCING, and Show Choir- one takes talent and skill, and the other takes energy, a willingness to act a fool, and a love for having fun. <---- that's me to a T, which stands for Tracey, duh.

Lindsay thinks this is my most random job ever, but I'm not so sure. I worked a few months as a Mary Kay consultant, which I feel is even weirder than choreographer, because I dance way more often than I wear makeup.

In 2008 I did my taxes for all my wages earned the year prior. I had 11 W-2's. (This one went to eleven!) Let that sink in. Care to see?

Chicken Express
Marble Slab Creamery
Sign Language Interpreting Services
Texas A&M University
Brazos Valley Cornerstone Christian Academy
A&M Church of Christ
City of College Station
Build-a-Bear Workshop

Unfortunately I can't remember any more than that, but I know there were more. Makes it look like I couldn't hold a job, right? Wrong.  I'm just obviously sadistic because I worked over half of these jobs at the same time while planning my wedding and also taking 21 hours at A&M/Blinn.

Yesterday I felt bad for being at NHS and not setting up my classroom, prepping a syllabus, and stressing over roster lists and class sizes. Now that I look back, especially at 2007, I think I've earned a break. Here's to trying to be thankful that I find weird jobs, but at this juncture in life I don't have to. Brooklyn is my job, and being a mommy is the best job to have.

However... I am a dance, dance, dance, dance, dancin' machine, and I love it so much I'd do show choir choreography for free. Just don't tell Rodney I said that.

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  1. DUDE! You should add to that crazy year when you were planning a wedding and taking 21 hours and working a million were also one of the best roomies ever! Miss ya' fool...let's watch a movie soon :)