Monday, August 22, 2011

The Concept of "Settling Down"

A thought came into my mind today: I lead a double life. I was thinking about how old I feel and how old I act and then said, "No, Tracey, not always. You can act and feel really young sometimes, like a double agent. For instance, Saturday night you went to the young marrieds progressive dinner and... stayed out until 10 PM..."


Yes, that was the exciting climax of my day week.

So I've come to realize I am no double agent, I am simply "settled down". This phrase has frightened people for generations (usually single, swingin' guys). I used to be wild. I used to be crazy. I used to do things I don't want to admit to people anymore. I used to stay up all night long for no reason at all.

Compare to now. Brandon and I practically jumped up and down with giddiness when we realized the people living in the apartment before us left their washer and dryer for us= Appliance joy. I rejoiced last week when realizing we have a net loss of 91 dollars with all things considered (me not working, no tolltag cost, 1/2 the gas, few small lifestyle changes)= Budgeting win. My daily outing is to the mailbox= Postal pitifulness. We eat dinner at 6:00 PM every night= Food monotony. And to top it all off, last night Brandon and I were debating over what to watch: 1)pre-season football, 2)MLS soccer, 3)Cubs vs. Cardinals (baseball) or 4)a movie. We chose 5)a 2-hour documentary on PBS of Harry Chandler and his family and how they ran the LA Times. Add those all up and the sum you get is roughly 90. As in, I am apparently 90 years old, in spirit. All I'm missing is the weekly trip to get my hair done in the classic Johnson women bouffant.

The funny thing about all this is that even as I write it, I'm having fun. Settling down isn't bad. So what if I spend my days folding laundry and changing dirty (really really absurdly stinky) diapers? Who cares if I actually like trying to use a cookbook and an iron (not together, though). Because in between all the chores, I read to my daughter. I chase her around the apartment. I jump on the bed with her. I sing and dance around the room. I play soccer with my husband with a little Disney princess ball. And I beat him once (He doesn't like to talk about that, though).  I live and I laugh and I love.

Maybe I do lead a double life after all :)

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  1. Hey I just found your blog from Aja's blog comments. Anyways, I totally get what you are saying in this post. I joke with Brandon all the time that we are boring and act like we are 80 years old. I mean... it is a miracle if I stay up past 10pm, ha. But you are right that even though we are growing up , and taking on more adult responsibilities, we are still young at heart and settling down isn't a bad thing at all. :)