Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brandon's Future History Class, or How to Get Obama Re-Elected

Brandon cracks me up. Here's an excerpt from our conversation the other day.

Tracey: None of these Republican candidates are any good. They all make me go, "Yick!"

Brandon: I know what you mean. I'm not crazy about Obama, but he's better than any of the presented alternatives so far.

T: You think he'll get re-elected?

B: Probably. Especially if... *lightbulb turns on above his head* Do you remember when Obama and McCain were both on ESPN talking about what needed to change in sports? Obama wanted to put a playoff system in college football. THAT'S IT! If he wants to get re-elected, all he has to do is pass a law that says college football must have a playoff system. Every man in the country would vote for him.

T: I would too.

B: I can picture it now... 30 years down the road, I'm teaching about the 2000's in my US History classes. The kids are saying things like, "Aw, why do we have to learn about the 2000's. They're so boring! Nothing happened! I mean, there was that terrorism thing, but that's it". And I'll say, "Oh no. *insert stereotypical American hymnal here, playing softly in the background, increasing in volume until reaching a triumphant finish* You've forgotten about the Election of 2012. The country was sick of the current president, but were torn by the lack of appealing candidates on the other side. And then, President Barack Obama declared, 'We must have a playoff system! The BCS is corrupt and we're tearing it down!' The country suddenly rallied around their leader and since then, the team who has deserved to be crowned National Champions has been, and Obama has forever become the best president of our lifetime" *insert a soundclip of cheering*.

Pretty hilarious view of the future. Also kind of sad. We don't vote for president, but we vote for American Idol. We won't watch State of the Union Addresses, but Monday Night Football gets top ratings each week. If our politicians actually put sports or entertainment policies into their agenda, they may actually get more support from the common man (and woman- let's not be sexist, we watch sports too!)

Play ball, Obama, play ball.

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  1. Hey Tracey! I love your blog--you are such a good writer. And, I appreciate your honesty. :) I hope everything's going well with you guys this week--we need to get a group of us moms staying home with babies together one day to hang out!
    And--I LOVE your quote on your info page about balancing doing what matters with what needs to be done. I feel like that is my life/struggle right now, ha!